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Waste Management System

At the heart of the Company’s Waste Management System is the 4R-D concept: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, and Disposal. This all-encompassing system includes clearly defined policies and procedures that outline the overall waste classification process, acceptable measures for handling specific waste, site specific information for food, office and production waste, site determination for storing waste where required and clearly defined documentation and reporting processes.

Again this year, we have assessed the results to identify the impacts of our waste streams on our business and the communities where we operate as well as opportunities for improvements within our operations.

To ensure effective waste management is a company-wide priority we launched several waste reduction campaigns in 2017, aimed at raising awareness and integrating effective waste management practices into our daily operations.

Clipping Recycling Program

We recycle 100% of our textile clippings from our cutting sewing operations in Central America, the Caribbean Basin and Mexico. These textile clips are shipped back to our yarn-spinning operations in North Carolina where they are mechanically reprocessed into fibres which are used in alternate products internally or sold to recycling companies who convert the clippings into materials used in various textile products.

Creating New Partnerships to Recycle Waste
Creating New Partnerships to Recycle Waste

In 2017, we entered into a partnership with Katherine Soucie of Sans Soucie Textile and Design to reduce our sheer hosiery waste by giving it new life. This partnership with Sans Soucie, a zero waste textile and clothing design studio, allows our sheer hosiery offcuts and defects to be transformed into new garments and textiles. Read more about this partnership.