Wages and Benefits

Our Commitment

2017 Highlights

Fair wages

In all areas where our Company’s manufacturing facilities are located, employees earn significantly more than the legally-mandated minimum industry wages. We believe that employees have the right to compensation for a regular work week that is sufficient to cover basic needs and provide some level of discretionary income.

We are guided by the adherence to either the legal minimum wage or the prevailing industry wage, whichever is higher, and comply with all legal requirements on wages including fringe benefits required by law or contract.

We have looked to collaborate with the Fair labor Association, as an accredited member to support their research on living wage in the regions where we operate and to align with their principles.

The Company has also initiated research throughout our manufacturing hubs to gain a better understanding of fair wages which takes into consideration trends related to inflation in regards to food and housing as well as other studies developed by local authorities and civil society organizations. 

Competitive Benefits

In addition to fair compensation, our manufacturing employees receive many benefits that help to enhance their quality of life such as 24-hour access to free on-site primary care medical clinics, free transportation to and from work, free or subsidized meals in on-site cafeterias, sponsored training and development programs and, in some countries, access to financial aid programs to assist in buying their first home. 

Through a number of training and development opportunities available to employees, we provide the vehicles for their continued growth and development. We also offer many opportunities for employees and their families to get involved with their communities through volunteer initiatives and events, increasing their level of engagement with the Company.